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Sharzu Organic Jojoba Creme and Sharzu Organic Jojoba-Almond Oil Lotion leave an exquisitly rich, velvety, non-oily feel while retarding moisture loss and enhancing skin suppleness and flexibility.


Creme- Natural Fragrance Free

Organic jojoba, water, beeswax.


Creme with Rose-Sandalwood Essential Oil

Organic jojoba, water, beeswax, essential oils - Rose and Sandalwood


Almond Oil Lotion w/Rose Essential Oil

Organic Jojoba-Almond Oil Lotion - water,organic jojoba, almond oil, beeswax, with Rose Essential Oil


Almond Oil Lotion-Natural Fragrance Free

Water, organic jojoba, almond oil, beeswax, Natural Fragrance Free