Organic Jojoba Creme and Organic Jojoba-Almond Oil Lotion

Therapeutic "Skin Food"
Soothes and heals all skin types

Sharzu Jojoba creamPure, Natural, Fresh ingredients in a simple formula
High concentration of organic jojoba replenishes sebum - skinís natural moisture.

No additives, preservatives, emulsifers, alcohols, animal products or petroleum based products

For over thirteen years Charlotte, Sue and friends have found Sharzu Organic Jojoba Creme and Sharzu Organic Jojoba Almond Oil Lotion to be excellent for:
  • daily moisturizing needs
  • entire body and face
  • psoriasis and eczema
  • soothing dry, itchy skin
  • comforting sun and wind burn
  • massage
  • after swim care
  • house cleaning and gardening hands
  • feet and calluses
  • removing make-up
  • base for hormone replacement therapy
  • pre- and post-shaving
  • childrenís skin
  • diaper rash
  • night moisture renewal
  • personal lubricant
  • evening eye creme
Sharzu is devoted to making body and skin care products based on the nurturing and healing properties of jojoba. We believe you are entitled to know and recognize every ingredient in each drop of Sharzu.

Our goals are to keep our unique formulas as fresh, pure and simple as possible to nourish your skin, the largest organ in your body.

We also want to be gentle on the environment and to limit resource consumption.
We are very proud that Sharzu is hand-made in small batches for maximum freshness.