Dear Charlotte and Sue,
I just wanted to share with you the miraculous results your products have had on my eczema. For over a year, I battled with spots of eczema which pretty much covered my entire body. During that time, I tried lots of different lotions and prescription topical drugs. Only when I began to use your wonderful Sharzu lotion did the eczema begin to resolve. Now, after just a few months of applying it faithfully each day after my morning shower, my skin is almost entirely clear. My sincere thanks to both of you for developing such fabulous, healing products.”

Your customer forever,
Barbara Marcum
Creator and CEO of Egglite

I have had psoriatic arthritis for many years and have used both prescription and non-prescription medication for the skin rash. No other non-steroidal ointment has been as helpful in relieving the itching and pain as Sharzu.

Robert Robbins, M.D., D.D.S.

As a recreational tri-athlete, outside in the sun, wind and water for many hours every week, I have found Sharzu to be exceptional in restoring and maintaining the moisture in my skin!
A great “after-swim” lotion!
After digging in the garden, Sharzu is terrific for soothing my hands.
Works well for softening calluses on my feet.

I have used Sharzu for over a year and I am very impressed and pleased with the non-greasy feel and exceptional soothing qualities of the jojoba.

Dale McVay

Personal luxury describes Sharzu Jojoba Creme. The scent of rose and sandalwood calm and center as it soothes that itchy, dry feel bought on by winter weather, and skin remains soft and silky for hours after its use. And, turn to Sharzu after working in the garden, or doing paper work or swimming. For hands, feet, legs and all those small dry areas that are hard to moisturize, it is a must.

Joyce Hunter
Elementary School Principle

I appreciate Sharzu’s non-greasy, natural, fragrance-free formula. At first, I used Sharzu lotion to relieve my dry patches of psoriasis. Now, I use it daily all over, especially to moisturize my face and neck. I find this all-natural lotion gives my skin a nourishing healthy glow!

Jake Feldman
Professor Architectural Engineering
Cal Poly State University

I started using Sharzu over two years ago. The improvement in my skin has been great. It feels younger and less dry every day . I use Sharzu daily. I love Sharzu! Thank you Char and Sue.

Sheri Cowan
Creator and CEO Sassy Dolls